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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Cue the hurt back, laid up in bed memes.

In an attempt to add another spinning plate to my daily regimen - that of an hour of walking on the treadmill - I managed to wrench my back and get myself on time out. Time out of productivity. Time out of editing, cleaning, laundry, cleaning Cottage West, and a ton of other time outs.

That was yesterday. I was pretty much good only for laying in bed with an ice pack at the base of my spine. My sacral iliac muscles that wrap around and through to the tops of my legs are fully seizing and I'm one miserable monkey.

Today isn't much better. It seems so ridiculous, I didn't even FALL. My foot slipped and then kept sliding and I did this insane dance trying to stabilize myself before finally jolting off of it as it continued to run.

In any case, this morning was taken up with getting a laptop I could work with while in bed or on the couch. It isn't as simple as that, though, oh no. A half dozen programs needed to be downloaded, and so here I finally am, half-reclining on the couch in our library/bedroom, finally able to work...if only I could find a comfortable position.

G581: Mars

I'm excited about this book. It's in the last couple of stages of edits. I also have the cover and blurb being designed and as soon as they are ready, I'll post those updates.

Meanwhile, I'm also having fun with Canva, where I've put together a quote from every one of the chapters on the backdrop of Mars.

It's strange to think that one chapter in G581: The Departure - Mars Needs Moms - ended up turning into a full book. I just knew there was a lot to say, and I wasn't sure that just one book could fit all of those thoughts and ideas inside it. Making the decision to break it up into three more books made sense. Now I have the ability to write in more depth about what happens on each of the three planets as a result of the ESH virus.

After G581: Mars, there will be G581: Earth and G581: Zarmina's World. But there will also be at least one, possibly more, short story compilations. Let's just say that there are a lot of stories behind the stories that I can add to the mix. Expanding the concept from a two book outline to a four-book series plus a ton of short stories is super-exciting for me!

I just love the backdrop of Mars for these quotes!

Here's hoping the pain fades soon and I can get back to being active again. And now, back to editing G581: Mars!

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