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"The characters were phenomenal, Chris & Jess, siblings, separated for so many years believing each other to be gone. The remaining characters so good in their own way." - Jeanette Mac

"What designates this book as excellent is the author's vision of her characters, their actions, and their stories. Her writing transcends the commonplace and rises to the level of prose." - Julie West

"Taking place after the Collapse in the United States, this is one intense novel. It is an incredible journey through life with its sorrows and sadness, happiness and hope and finally closure for some of the main characters." - Serenity

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The long-awaited sequel to War's End: The Storm - Jess has returned to her hometown, Warsend.

There she and her family will rebuild their lives and learn lessons about love, and loss, and the strength of perseverance.

Miles away, Chris longs for family, for children, and dreams of the home he lost.

The danger is not over. Jess must face her greatest fear and overcome the nightmares that have plagued her for the past decade.

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