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Short-Term Rental Success

Create Welcoming Five Star Stays

Are you thinking of starting your first short-term rental? Perhaps you are already open for business and have found that your guests' reviews fall short of five stars. If you are wondering where to begin, or what to offer in your STR, and especially if you are struggling to get those gushing reviews, this book can help!

Written with an eye to the details and attention to customer service, Short-Term Rental Success with take your short-term rental to the next level and help you achieve success, make more money, and have guests leave you reviews like this one...

"Christine's place was wonderful, as was she. She truly has the gift of hospitality and it was evident in all of the little welcoming touches." - JoAnne, guest at Hedy Lamarr Airstream

This book covers everything a STR owner will need to open for business, including an overview of the popular online booking platforms, deciding on the best insurance policy, allowing pets (or not), dealing with reviews, advice on creating a website and accepting direct bookings, extensive supplies lists, verbiage you can edit for your own unique needs, and so much more.

With Christine's expertise, you will soon be receiving reviews like this:

"Christine's place was delightful! It was a gift to the senses and a very cozy place. Every need was anticipated and met, and she was accommodating and prompt to respond. The beds were especially comfortable. I don't usually stay in or near a city, but I felt completely safe and secure. I wish we had a reason to stay longer and would highly recommend a stay there." - Rebecca, a guest at Cottage West

By choosing Payhip, you ensure that the maximum percentage of the sale goes to me, the author, at no additional cost to you (and sometimes for a small savings). Thank you for your support!

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