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The War on Drugs: An Old Wives Tale

Part memoir, part current affairs, part argument for legalization - The War on Drugs is a MUST READ for those who believe that the war on drugs only happens to "those people" in "that part of town."

Written from the point of view of a wife and mother, The War On Drugs: An Old Wives' Tale examines the pros and cons of marijuana prohibition, drug diversion programs, and challenges the reader to define the nature of addiction and other pre-conceived notions.

Early reviews have included:

"Written with the humor of hindsight, yet the abject horror of getting caught in the cross fire of the so-called War On Drugs comes through with crystal clarity. For anyone that has any doubt about the truth of the matter, it becomes abundantly clear that the war on drugs is really a war on people, – good wholesome people that care for their children and make a positive contribution to their community. This is a must read. The War on Drug’s: An Old Wives’ Tale lays bare the absurdity of Marijuana Prohibition, the lies and injustice of our Legal System, and the unscientific, unethical nature of 'The Recovery Industry.' Read it. Believe it. And be warned."

"I live in the county this book takes place in. I drive by the courthouse mentioned often. I never knew anything like this was going on in my area. It was devastating to read, but devastating in the way we need to be devastated in order for our nation to see progress. I appreciated the ability to step inside a real family going through this. That personal connection made the book feel relatable, and it was easy, as a fellow mother, to picture myself living this nightmare if my life had gone a different direction. The day by day format of the book works well for demonstrating the struggle as a daily battle rather than one big event. It was hundreds of bad events. Lots of bad policies, lots of injustice, lots of anger and fear. I highly recommend this to those who think drugs are something only found in 'that part of town' or that all those involved are 'that sort of people.' It’s simply not true."

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