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Hired Gun

Bodyguard Shane Ellis is at his best with a gun in his hand, and his attentions focused on keeping his clients safe. Living his life by a strict set of rules, he prides himself on having the highest survival rate among the Benton Security team. But everything about his latest client, Lila Benoit, has him on edge.

She’s sexy.

The attraction between them is sizzlingly palpable.

And... her life is in danger.

Can Shane protect Lila from a corrupt and deadly organization with limitless money and resources? Or will Lila’s casual disregard for Shane’s code put her directly in a killer’s cross-hairs?

“All I can say is wow – what a thrill ride!” – Pamela Mitchell

“Smoking hot with lots of twists and turns.” - JM

“Shuck’s foray into a sexy thriller is long overdue” – Kerrie McLoughlin

By choosing Payhip, you ensure that the maximum percentage of the sale goes to me, the author, at no additional cost to you (and sometimes for a small savings). Thank you for your support!

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