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Benton Security Services

A hitman is after her and she has no idea why. Lila is sexy, smart, and a handful, determined to break every one of Shane's rules as he struggles to keep her safe, and from taking what he wants.

Jack is haunted by plenty of demons. The loss of his parents and the death of his sister at the hands of kidnappers. His shot at redemption is at hand in the form of a rain-soaked, traumatized young woman.

Gliese 581

A world killing virus. A saboteur on board the last remaining virus-free spaceship. One man holds the key to the survival of the human race.

The Mars colony lies in ruins, only a handful of survivors remain. But fate is not finished dealing all of the cards.

The survivors are few, their challenges many. But the biggest challenge is hurtling towards them at a terrifying speed.

War's End

WE1-2022 Cover.jpg

Meet Jess and Chris as they struggle to survive in a country ripped apart by civil war in the day after tomorrow.

a brave new world ebook copy.jpg

The conclusion to The Storm. Will the world right itself? Will the siblings ever be reunited?

tales of the collapse ebook cover March 2022.jpg

Individual, gripping stories of the Collapse as seen through other characters' eyes. The Collapse is coming, you have been warned!


Overwhelmed with clutter? You need this book!

The war on drugs is a lie. Learn more by reading this memoir by a wife and mother caught in the war on drugs dragnet.

Are you looking to succeed in the world of short-term rentals? Look no further than this comprehensive guide to achieving your own STR success!

Copy of STR SuccessFinalVersion.jpg

The Chronicles of Liv Rowan

This time-tripping drama has magic along all of the edges. What would you do if you had the chance to change your life - not once, but twice?

Children of Ruin


All Nichole ever wanted was a family of her own. But fate isn't that kind. Her perfect child is not who she seems. Will becoming a mother cost her everything she holds dear? Including her very life?

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