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G581: The Departure

Their mission was to build a second home for humanity - but who knows if humanity will survive long enough to reach it? Setting forth on a six-year journey to Gliese 581g - Zarmina’s World - Daniel Medry and a crew of fellow scientists planned to explore a brand-new world potentially ripe for colonisation - but when a man-made virus wipes out most of Earth’s population and leaves the rest infertile, their exploration mission becomes humanity’s only hope for survival.

Alone in deep space, a series of equipment malfunctions occur that might not be accidental - and as the crew struggles for survival, some suspect that one of their own intends to keep them from making planetfall. With time running out, Daniel must stop the saboteur before humanity's last hope for survival is snuffed out in the cold, unforgiving vacuum of space.

Gliese 581: The Departure is an exhilarating sci-fi thriller. If you like dystopian future worlds, second-chance heroes, and suspenseful mysteries, then you’ll love Christine Shuck’s gripping intergalactic thrill-ride.

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The Story Behind the Story


Do you ever wonder what compelled an author to write a particular story? The underlying theme? The reason why a book is written? What was the author thinking? And why?

Well, wonder no more...

G581: The Departure was actually two stories, combined into one. Story #1, which I initially called the Plague Tales, began with me sitting in my car in line at a local fast food restaurant, waiting for my turn to order. I remember thinking, "What if a woman, who happened to be stark naked, drove up to the window to pick up her ten combo meals, put the car in park, and proceeded to eat them until her stomach exploded?" And yes, I ordered my combo meal, and ate it. Apparently such gory questions do not affect my appetite. Story #2, was simply, "What if a trip to another planet had a saboteur on board?" That was it, short and sweet.

The two stories orbited about in my mind for quite some time before resolving into something that could work together. 

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