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20BooksVegas 2021 – Bally's Hotel – Las Vegas, Nevada – Photos by Arpit Mehta – MONDAY-129


I've been in love with words all of my life. 

"Word nerd."

"Dictionary girl."


"Always telling your shaggy dog stories!"


Note: They aren't shaggy dog stories if they happen to be true.


My parents tell me I could read well at the age of three. "You just KNEW." My maternal grandmother liked to show me off to her bridge group by having me read Woman's Day magazine. I spent most of my childhood sucking down books like they were candy. I teethed on the Heinlein juveniles, dove deep into the many Oz books, and craved adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, drama and more in the years that followed.


I am irredeemably cross-genre. I can't seem to help it. Whether I'm writing memoir, self-help, or one of my other non-fiction projects - or I'm diving deep into sci-fi, romantic thrillers, time-tripping family drama, or a mix of psychological thriller/horror - I give it my all. I love writing about strong women and decent men who aren't afraid to fall in love or admit they are wrong every so often. I love asking "What if?" and then running down that answer, in whatever deep, dark hole it manifests in. I'm not afraid to write the darkness and the light.

I wrote my first book, Get Organized, Stay Organized in 2008. In 2020, I stopped running my housecleaning business (thank you, Covid) and dedicated myself (almost) full-time to writing. In 2021, I released three books and plan to write and release at least four books a year from here on out. Hold me to that, will you?!

I'm a unreliable and flighty gardener, I love to shoot pool (I joined a league in 2022 and play competitively now), pet my pooches, and I'm a crafter and occasional artist.


Weird fact: I tend to avoid cooking except in winter and then I make lots (and lots) of soup.

I am lucky to live in a creaky old house, built in 1899, with my husband and three of our kiddos in Kansas City, Missouri. As a result, life is full of continual home renovation projects!

I've been a mom, stepmom, foster mom and now adoptive mom to eight amazing humans ranging in age from newborn to their mid-30s. By the time I'm done raising our youngest (born September 2021), I will have been actively raising kids for over 51 years. Crazy, but true.


And if that weren't enough, I manage a few rental properties, including one short-term rental - Cottage West. With a 3rd house to the east of us currently under renovations to become a long-term rental in early 2025. Learn more about The Cottages by clicking on the link. Meanwhile, here are some pictures...

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