Short Stories

Do you ever read about a character and wonder why they are the way they are or where they came from? I know I do. Over time, I often find myself thinking about those characters and I end up writing short stories that act as companions to the books I write.


Here is where you will find them. I will add them in as I finish them. Fair warning, some (especially those from the Benton Security Services series are rather... erm... racy. You have been warned!

Better Choices

Shane Ellis in Hired Gun wasn't always a good guy and he's made his fair share of stupid choices.

A look at how an "easy $10k" turned into something far different... a job offer. 

Shane Ellis.jpg

Coming Soon

A new companion story on the tragic back story of Jack Benton is coming soon...

Jack Benton.jpg

Coming Soon

A new short story will be coming soon!

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