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Spring and All of Those Spinning Plates

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Fairly Fair Weather

For years, I wrote in a blog called The Deadly Nightshade. Don't bother looking for it, it no longer exists thanks to me not understanding tech and GoDaddy being all about the money (they USED to be great with customer service, but not so much anymore). In any case, if you read my posts then, you may have been under the impression that I'm a successful gardener. I'm really more of an incompetent gardener, but I still love it.

By the time the snow melts, I'm outside, shovel in hand. By the time high summer hits, you'll likely find me inside, hiding away from the blistering heat. Which is why I'm incompetent, because if I would just stay on top of it all, the weeds wouldn't get a chance to take over every year like they do.

A new path to our small storage shed. No more fighting weeds to get to the tools!

Ah well, c'est la vie.

This year is no different from any other, so out I have gone, even when the temps are in the 40s, and I've got a few more pathways done and a wheelbarrow or two of plants transplanted already. That's Spinning Plate #1 - Keep on top of things in the yard

A path heading toward the new brew shed we built last year for my husband. I can't wait for some elderberry mead!

G581: Earth is Well Underway

That's right, I'm not only done with Smoke and Steel, it has been edited, proofread, and edited again. It's currently in the hands of my ARC readers and will be available for purchase on April 15th! Here is the link to where you can find Smoke and Steel.

Ooh la la! He's hot, hot, hot!

So that means I'm now working on G581: Earth, my 11th book. Squee!!! I'm so excited for this year and the next. I'm doing my best to stick to my production schedule, which means a total of five books published this year and a total of six more in 2022.

I've now finished around 38k+ words on the manuscript, so it is over 1/3 complete. G581: Earth will be the third book in the Gliese 581g series that began with G581: The Departure, moved to G581: Mars (published mid-February), and then after G581: Earth I will wrap up the series in early 2022 with G581: Zarmina's World.

I've been shooting for 2,000 words per day, but family events have slowed me down, and I've missed at least a week's worth of writing, so I might need to up that minimum to 3,000 words per day to get it all done in time. I hope to make it available for sale by June 15th of this year.

So that's Spinning Plate #2 - Get my writing done on time!

She Dreams of Airstream

Oh me oh my, how long I have waited for the Airstream to return to us! The folks who handled the major repairs (replacing the subfloor, rewiring, re-plumbing, replacing lights, sealing/replacing windows, and installing the a/c and heater) had it a full YEAR. It wasn't until this past January that we learned exactly WHY it was taking so long. The wife of the owner of the company was very ill, and most of the people who were working there were either family or close as family. They were all reeling with the impact of her illness, and eventual death, and I just felt so bad for them. It can't have been easy, and there was no need for me to complain. We just had to wait for it to be done.

Here she is with a newly laid brick pathway leading to her door!

We got the call last week that she was ready to go and we drove her home the next day. A big thanks to the Andersons for helping us back her into the yard.

The Airstream will be a very special, unique glamping in the city experience and I'm so excited to offer it. We still have plenty of finish work in side...

  • Level it out

  • Run electrical and water to the vehicle

  • Install flooring

  • Sew and hang curtains (I found the cutest pinup girl fabric!)

  • Install the composting toilet

  • Hook-up the propane and test it all out

  • Install a table along with fabric-covered cushions

  • Add an array of books and magazines

  • Cut a cover for the non-functional stove/oven (we have a cute 3-in-1 toaster/coffeemaker/grill to use instead)

  • Some painting to do

  • Put the bed and other linens in place

  • Build wide, sturdy steps down to the brick pathway

  • Install 8' tall screens outside (essentially making the Airstream more private

  • Adding outdoor elements (lighting, furniture, plants, BBQ and possibly a small brick patio

When will we be done? Good question. I have no idea. Hopefully soon! And that is Spinning Plate #3.

Me trying to figure out the configuration necessary for the vinyl flooring

There are also multiple other spinning disasters...more improvements needed on Cottage West, saving for renovations on Cottage East, house improvements, crazy dreams, and the list goes on and on.

I keep going. What else is there to do?!

Watch out for those spinning plates!

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