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Reminder and New Cover!

Hey everyone! I hope that the holiday season is treating you well. I know my kiddos are eagerly awaiting Christmas. And now it is Christmas break from school, so the house will be full... every... day.

I just wanted to drop in real quick with...

  • a reminder

  • an announcement

  • an update


G581: Zarmina's World will NOT be released on December 31st. I am so very sorry about this. I hate disappointing my readers, but unforseen delays occurred and while I'm writing steadily on the book, it is not complete and won't be in time for the release date.

And because I had delayed the release of another book this year (Broken Code), Amazon has in essence put me in time out and won't let me extend the release date of Zarmina's World.

So if you get a message stating your pre-order has been canceled, that is why. The book is still being written, and it will still be released, but you will need to order it at the time of publication as the pre-orders are summarily canceled. Annoying to be sure, but if you follow me on your favorite bookselling platform, you should get notifications when any book is published by me.

Announcing - a New Cover for Fate's Highway!

I futzed around with trying to create the essence of Fate's Highway on the cover and kept failing miserably. So I handed this over to Ukrainian-based Get Covers to see if they could have a go at it.

And I have to say, I like it. I think it hits the right notes in theme and genre. What do you think? Comment below!

I will be updating this cover over the next few days. It will take a while for all of the bookselling platforms to show the new cover, but by the end of next week, it should be everywhere!

Consider This My Writing Update

I'm working daily on G581: Zarmina's World. After a lot of back and forth, examining and re-examining my daily activities, my hopes for the new year, and trying to balance EVERYTHING, I am back to "I'll write at least 500 words per day, EVERY day," in order to tackle the enormous task of recording, editing, and uploading ALL of my books into audio format. This includes every book I've written, plus any more that come out. It's ... a lot. And I had to be realistic about what I could do until I am caught up on the backlog.

I'm also working through another backlog of sorts - that of sending 20 emails per day per book (or series) to over 4,000 libraries around the country. In order to not overwhelm a library with emails, this has been staggered. I started with Winter's Child, then moved on to The War on Drugs: An Old Wives Tale, Short-Term Rental Success, the G581 series, Get Organized, Stay Organized, and just today - the Benton Security Services series. The War's End series and the newly re-covered Fate's Highway will follow over the next 4-6 weeks.

Lots of marketing, the free kind, and I hope to be done with it all by late spring. After that, I'll be able to tackle a whole lot more email bursts to libraries, but only as a new book is released. That's all for now, folks. Be well!

p.s. Did you know I play pool competitively? It's true! And we placed 4th in 8-Ball and get a chance to get into the Tri-Cup tournament. Wish my team well as we head to the wild card competition in 8-ball, with hopes of getting into TriCup. Fingers crossed, we compete next Thursday!

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