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Lucky #13!

I never know where things will go in a year. Having three kids in the house, with various bouts of illness, time off, and more has made it all a little more challenging.

That said, I've managed to push through and see Winter's Child out at the end of April and now, Short-Term Rental Success will be released tomorrow across all platforms! So exciting!

I have learned so much in the past three years of hosting short-term rentals (more if you count my time as a co-host). There were important, sometimes painful lessons that I was determined others would not have to endure if they read my book before embarking on their own STR journey.

Short-Term Rental Success is my 13th book, but it is definitely a lucky 13. Packed full of tips, and even a handy downloadable guide on where to find the supplies for your own short-term rental, Short-Term Rental Success provides a comprehensive guide to getting started, communication and ethical business practices, spreadsheets for managing finances, and tons of examples of how to not just get by but push your property over the top, above all the others.

I have over 600 reviews and a 4.9-star rating on Airbnb. I earned my Superhost status within the first three months of becoming a host and have exceeded the minimum requirements each and every quarter since. When guests stay at The Cottages, they know they are in a safe, welcoming, and comfortable space. My background in entrepreneurship running a cleaning business for 15 years, combined with a broad customer service base of experience before that, as well as experience in accounting has all helped me create a book that will help other budding entrepreneurs to create a lucrative business for themselves.

I'm excited for the potential reach of this book. Short-term rentals are not an over-saturated market. They are not just party houses. They are instead an excellent alternative to staying in a hotel. With ethical business practices, and an excellent step forward with this book, new STR hosts can make great income and meet fantastic guests every day. It's a win-win!

Click here to read the first chapter of Short-Term Rental Success.

Interested in purchasing it? I have links to all of major bookselling platforms below!

For the ebook version:

The paperback and hardcover versions are still processing and will be available soon! I hope to also do an AI voice audiobook version to be released soon.

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