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Different Brains

Updated: Dec 10, 2021


That about sums up the past week.

With the news that our tenants were moving out and buying their own home, my plans for writing have been ridiculously disrupted with thoughts of what to do with the property.

Different Brains

It feels as if I have at least two different brains in my head. One is my business brain. It deals in numbers, forecasting, investments, and all of the nitty-gritty details.

The other is my creative brain. And when business brain turns on, creative brain takes a back burner instantly.

I sure wish I knew how to balance the two.

I'm struggling this week.

Hybrid Airbnb

Our house down south is 20 minutes away. If we turn it into an Airbnb, it means that we need to visit it at least once a week to mow, and I really don't want to be going down there every day to clean it, so I decided to make the minimum stay one week in length, with hopes that it will be longer.

With several big employers in the area - Honeywell, Cerner, and Belton Research - my vision for Cottage South is that it will serve as transitional housing for people moving into the area.

Art Because, Well, BECAUSE

As soon as I began listing everything out - furniture et al - I began wondering how I could go about creating an Airbnb that not only had functionality, but beauty.

Perhaps something like this?

I'm envisioning several projects...

  • The round table we are currently using in our dining room would look beautiful with a mandala created out of three or four different colors of stain.

  • A fireplace screen/cover with a painted design. I'm thinking a nice finished plywood that fits into the outer opening which I can paint and then we will glue in place. The fireplace is non-functional.

  • The dressers that will go in each bedroom (I bought some enamel paint and I am considering possibly finishing them with a decoupaged design on the front.

  • Painting the kitchen floor tile

  • Painting the plain concrete back porch slab with a nice stencil.

One possible design for the kitchen floor...

Chomping at the Bit to Get Started

And of course, I'm just dying to get started. In truth, I could start on the mandala design NOW except that the sander needs some pad, which has been ordered and should arrive next week. I suppose I could paint the dressers, but honestly, I'd rather wait until I get them down there. Less chance of dinging the edges and having to do touch ups.

So instead I wait, albeit impatiently, for it to be next week.

One possible design for the front and back concrete

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