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Benton Security Services Omnibus is LIVE!

Finally! My New Romance Book is LIVE Everywhere!

I spent a majority of the weekend editing, then formatting, and finally uploading the first Benton Security Services omnibus. Inside are three full-length books...

  • Hired Gun

  • Smoke and Steel

  • Broken Code

Plus two bonus short stories...

  • Better Choices

  • Learning to Speak

Whew! Finally done! It is up and ready for purchase. For one month it is discounted down to $8.99. After that, it goes up to $9.99, which is still a great deal when you consider you are getting three full-length novels plus two short stories. You will still be saving $4.98 and getting two free short stories out of it!

The omnibus is available on all major bookselling platforms, but I hope you will consider buying directly from me through Payhip. Payhip is safe, secure, and easy to use. Just click on the link below!

Uncluttered Office - Ready for the Next Book

I cleaned my office this morning. I really dug into it and removed reference books I no longer needed or used, cleared out and dusted everything, and heck, I even cleaned this large picture window that looks out onto our wraparound porch and the street beyond.

It feels so nice. Uncluttered, ready for me to dig in and get started. It feels so good to be done with a project, and even better to be summoning the creative energy for a new project. It also happens to be a lovely fall day, temperate, sunny. I love it!

Here are some photos of my office now that I've cleaned and organized everything...

I will be dreaming, outlining, and more this week on G581: Zarmina's World.

And I can't help but smile, because my office is perfectly prepared for me to do that! And if I get to feeling like I need something different? I have this little beauty to work out of. The Hedy Lamarr is now my official "she shed" and I could not be happier. She is the perfect escape and only a handful of steps away. My little piece of paradise...

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