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Because It's Spring!

It's raining outside. And while I'm perfectly happy with rain at the appropriate times (i.e. when I don't feel the overwhelming need to go dig in the dirt, you know, like midnight) - I'm not terribly pleased with it happening NOW when I want to go out and dig up the treelings (thank you, squirrels) that are popping up in the middle of my daylilies or against a house where they absolutely do not belong.

I have to say that I was rather shocked to realize I haven't updated my blog in nearly two months. What?! How did that happen?

I would love to say that it is because I have been ridiculously busy writing. But, um, that would not be the case. Never fear, the writing will return!

Meanwhile, if you haven't read Winter's Child, you can download a free copy through BookFunnel. There are 400 free copies available, and at last check, only 200 have been claimed, so get it while the getting is good.

It does ask you to join my mailing list. Please know that I do not sell or share my subscriber emails, and I tend to only send one email/newsletter per month. The newsletter updates you on my life (short-term rental/family life/book projects and the random garden pics), lets you know about any upcoming sales or giveaways, and I share a couple of book recommendations too.

G581: Plague Tales is Available for Purchase!

It was due to be released at the end of this month, but I went ahead and released it a couple of weeks early. Twelve unique stories set in the Gliese 581g universe. Some hopeful, some sad, but all very different. There's even a story dedicated to the baby raccoon we cared for back in 2020. Yes, I really did foster a baby raccoon. She was really quite sweet. Priced at just $4.99 for the ebook, I hope you will grab a copy.

May is Special!

The month of May is special to me for three reasons...

  1. It is the month when everything turns green and beautiful - spring has sprung - and the first iris appear (they are my favorite flowers).

  2. Mother's Day - which reminds me of how lucky I am to be a mom. I know, everyone thinks their children are amazing, and I'm no exception. They keep me smiling, and busy, every single day.

  3. It's my birthday. Today, actually! And tonight we will all go out and celebrate with dinner. My husband and teen gave me these two gorgeous presents already. A "singing" bowl I had admired at a shop and this huge deckle-edged journal. I love them both!

The bowl makes the most lovely sound and my husband put a thought in my head on the journal that I can't shake. Each stone could represent the Njerez clans in the Chronicles of Liv Rowan stories.

It is also a gentle reminder that I need to create more art. I have it in my daily goals list, but don't seem to get around to it.

My Sanctuary...

I've been a compulsive planting fool since I moved to this property in February 2013. The second the ground wasn't frozen, I was planting trees, flowers, bulbs, herbs, and building pathways. Now, granted, the pathways are far from level and look like I was drunk when building them (perfectly sober at the time, btw), but these photos show just how far we have come in ten years. On Mother's Day, I took two naps, TWO, in the newly acquired hammock.

It was actually the first time I've really gone out and relaxed in my yard in, well, possibly ever. I tend to go out, work on it until I can barely move, then go back inside. However, after ten years of work, I'm finally looking at a sanctuary of green and beauty. One that beckons me to swing gently in a hammock and listen to the birdsong (and city noises) with a gentle breeze rolling over me. It is absolutely wonderful. Now I just need to teach myself to do this more often. I've made a mental note to myself to just walk through the yard on a daily basis. Too much of my life has been about "How do I get from A to B in the most efficient manner possible?" and not about "How do I enjoy my life?" At 53, I have more years behind me than I do ahead of me. And that's lit a fire under my butt to really question what is important and how I want to spend the next 30, 40, or even 50 years I have left in this world.

I will also add that the kids really love the yard as well. Especially our two littles, who we recently bought a water table for. The laughter and soaking wet kids that came out of that garden were well worth the purchase price!

That's it, folks. I just wanted to say "Hi" and tell you I'm working on things. Broken Code is still on track to be finished, edited, and released at the end of July. After that, I hope to return to The Retirement Home and also Zarmina's World. Stick with me, folks, the best is yet to come!

Find Me on Facebook Join my group General Malcontent's Grumbles and Scribbles on Facebook and get plenty of weird memes, the opportunity to read my newest releases for free, pics of the family, and other author news. I look forward to seeing you there!

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