Bucket List

Because everyone needs a bucket list and this one is all mine!

Note: It is far from complete and I reserve the right to update it at any time. What about you? What's on your bucket list?

  • Visit the "fairy chimneys" in Turkey and spend the night in one

  • Swim with dolphins

  • Jump out of a perfectly good airplane (with a parachute on of course)

  • Go on a hot air balloon ride (have I mentioned I'm afraid of heights?)

  • Visit Pompeii

  • Sleep in a treehouse Airbnb

  • Spend the night in a castle (where? I don't know, somewhere in Europe!)

  • Visit Ireland

  • Stay at the Henn-Na Hotel in suburban Tokyo’s Urayasu where a weird-assed robotic dinosaur screams "Welcome" at you in Japanese when it senses your presence. And while I'm in Japan, I really want to visit “Bunny Island” (it’s real name is Okunoshima) to pet wild bunnies.