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War's End: The Storm

Society has collapsed. She almost gave up. But now she's fighting for two. Jess Aaronson's world has descended into madness. She lost her family to the chaos of America's collapse, and nearly lost her spirit from the brutal abuse that followed.

But now that she's pregnant, she has a new reason to keep fighting…

As she comes to terms with the life growing inside her, Jess flees Tent Five and descends into a land without law. In search of the only family she has left and the home she left behind, the darkness threatens to consume both her and her unborn child.

Can Jess find her family, or will her escape come with the ultimate price?

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War's End: A Brave New World

Jess has returned to her hometown in Belton, Missouri.

There she and her family will rebuild their lives and learn lessons about love, and loss, and the strength of perseverance.

Miles away, Chris longs for family, for children, and dreams of the home he lost.

The danger is not over. Jess must face her greatest fear and overcome the nightmares that have plagued her for the past decade.

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Get Organized, Stay Organized

Is your world stuffed with clutter? Discover a simple method to get organized and take back your life!

Overwhelmed by the constant pile of stuff that's turned your every day into total chaos? Do you dream of getting organized but you have no idea where to start? Author and decluttering coach Christine D. Shuck has over a decade of experience working with clients to accomplish their organizational goals. Now she'll teach you her step-by-step method to go from mess to success.

Get Organized, Stay Organized is your essential guide to re-ordering your life. Inside, you'll learn how to break your tasks down to manageable chunks to clean up the chaos and keep it tidy for good. By going room-by-room, Shuck's perfectly organized guidebook provides the process you need to get the properly-placed life you deserve.

In Get Organized, Stay Organized, you'll discover:

  • Guided actions to help you attack your clutter and create a home you'll be proud of

  • The true source of chaos and how to let it go and ease your mind

  • How to break down large jobs into manageable tasks to make cleaning stress-free

  • Strategies for tackling every room in your house to spread harmony throughout your space

  • Case studies to guide you through your own process, and much, much more!

Get Organized, Stay Organized is the perfect tool to take your clutter down to zero. If you like easy-to-understand instructions, down-to-earth writing, and inspirational advice, then you'll love Christine D. Shuck's life-altering book.

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G581: The Departure

A devastating virus. Humanity’s final hope. One man stands between a second chance and the end of the world.
On a six-year journey to Gliese 581g, Zarmina’s World, Daniel Medry and a crew of scientists plan to explore a brand-new world. But when a man-made virus wipes out most of Earth’s population and leaves the rest infertile, their exploration mission becomes humanity’s only hope for survival.
Alone in deep space, some worry that a series of equipment malfunctions may not be accidental. As their ship's issues become critical, some fear that someone onboard wants to keep them from making planetfall. With time running out, Daniel must stop the saboteur before humankind's last hope of survival is crushed in the unforgiving vacuum of space.
Gliese 581: The Departure is an exhilarating sci-fi thriller. If you like dystopian future worlds, second-chance heroes, and suspenseful mysteries, then you’ll love Christine Shuck’s gripping intergalactic thrill-ride.

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Fate's Highway

Tragedy plus time equals a second chance…

In 1952, Dean Edmonds wishes he could start over. Trapped in a loveless marriage and a job he hates, he fears he'll never realize his boyhood fantasy of becoming an author. But his dream of a new opportunity turns into dark reality when a deadly car crash kills his wife and children…

Nine years later, Dean has rebuilt his life with a new family and a successful career. Finally content with his world, a second car accident doesn't just rip the people he loves away… it sends him back in time and into the arms of his first wife and their crumbling marriage.

Unsure how to endure his impossible scenario, can Dean live life better the second time around?

Schicksal Turnpike is a standalone sci-fi romance with a twist. If you like family dramas, speculative fiction, and Twilight Zone-style endings, you’ll love Christine D. Shuck’s continuum-bending tale.

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Hired Gun - Book 1 of Benton Security Services

Bodyguard Shane Ellis is at his best with a gun in his hand, and his attentions focused on keeping his clients safe. Living his life by a strict set of rules, he prides himself on having the highest survival rate among the Brenton Security team. But everything about his latest client, Lila Benoit, has him on edge.

She’s sexy.

The attraction between them is sizzlingly palpable.

And... her life is in danger.

Can Shane protect Lila from a corrupt and deadly organization with limitless money and resources? Or will Lila’s casual disregard for Shane’s code put her directly in a killer’s cross-hairs?

“All I can say is wow – what a thrill ride!” – Pamela Mitchell

“Smoking hot with lots of twists and turns.” - JM

“Shuck’s foray into a sexy thriller is long overdue” – Kerrie McLoughlin

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The War on Drugs: An Old Wives Tale

Part memoir, part current affairs, part argument for legalization - The War on Drugs is a MUST READ for those who believe that the war on drugs only happens to "those people" in "that part of town."

Written from the point of view of a wife and mother, The War On Drugs: An Old Wives' Tale examines the pros and cons of marijuana prohibition, drug diversion programs, and challenges the reader to define the nature of addiction and other pre-conceived notions.

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