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"This book, I can't put down... so far this book keeps moving and doesn't disappoint." - A Savvy Cat, Amazon review

"It took me one day to read because I couldn't put it down. I kept asking myself if this could really happen and how I would react. I love it when an author can make me think like that." - Bookaholic81, Amazon review

"Ms. Shuck weaves a story of characters that you not only care for, but ones you won't soon forget. What's even better, she makes them believable." - Joe Midwest, Amazon review

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Society has collapsed. She almost gave up. But now she's fighting for two.


Jess Aaronson's world has descended into madness. She lost her family to the brutal chaos of America's collapse, and nearly lost her spirit from the brutal abuse that followed. But now that she's pregnant, she has a new reason to keep fighting…

As she comes to terms with the life growing inside her, Jess flees Tent Five and descends into a land without law. In search of the only family she has left and the home she left behind, the darkness threatens to consume both her and her unborn child.

Can Jess find her family, or will her escape come with the ultimate price?

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