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She Shed or Writer's Retreat? You Decide!

When the anti-Airbnb legislation rumbles started up near the end of 2022, I knew my time operating the Hedy Lamarr Airstream as a short-term rental would be limited. In truth, I hadn't planned on running it for long anyway. My hope was to simply recoup my investment in it, which I'm pretty sure I've done. If not, well, my heirs can sell it off for a small fortune in 35 years or so. Imagine what a vintage 100 year old Airstream will fetch then!

Instead, let me show you what I finally got around to doing...

Drum roll, please!

May I introduce my fancy schmancy she shed/writer retreat?

I haven't finished with all of the touches. For example, I would love to switch out this double bed for a fold out/convertible couch. It would make the space far more functional.

The Airstream has just been sitting here on its concrete pad idly waiting for me to get a spare moment and reconnect with it. And here I am today, squeezing in some time before a therapeutic massage and cleaning Cottage West, getting it glammed up a little.

Well... glamming might be overstating it a bit. I have stocked the mini-fridge with plenty of water so I can add my sugar-free drink packets to them...

And I've taken out all of the copies of my books and replaced them with writing tools books. Which is really quite handy to have in a pinch.

I also added a few of my Zentangle art pieces and I think I want a nice fuzzy rug. There should be one upstairs in the attic. I bought a shag rug for the Airstream when we were first finishing it out. However, it was a pain in the patoot to clean, so I ended up taking it back out.

Now with just me visiting, I think I can stand occasionally shaking out the mess.

I have more art to add. And like I mentioned, I really want to yank out the bed and put in a couch, I think it will be perfect for the space!

I'll likely take advantage of the strong 4x4s that provide the walls and ceiling of the deck, and hang a couple of swings in the openings outside. I mean, why not, right? And in the spring, I plan to plant a truly excessive amount of clematis and other vining plants along the lattice surround. Think epic levels of flowers. Truly epic. The Airstream deck is already a fantastic place for our friends to gather during our annual parties, but I am on the hunt for a tall metal locker I can brighten up with outdoor spray paint and store yoga mats inside.

My she shed/writer space might not see much use during the winter. It gets bitterly cold, and we will winterizing it at the end of October to prevent any problems with burst pipes. Still, who knows, maybe I'll still sneak out for a little quiet time to focus on projects. An added bonus? The wi-fi sucks. So it is impossible to be on Facebook or any other distracting sites when I'm supposed to be writing!

In any case, I'd love to hear what you think of my fun new getaway!

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