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Society has collapsed. The world burns. Yet, somehow, humanity survives...

In The Storm and A Brave New World, author Christine D. Shuck showed us the collapse of society through the eyes of bold, brave survivor Jess. Now, in the third book in this intense and evocative post-apocalyptic saga, we witness the end of the world through the experiences of other familiar faces.

Through nine interconnected episodes, discover the stories behind the stories: Resonant and emotional tales of love, loss, survival, and triumph that paint a vivid and frighteningly believable picture of America in the midst of societal collapse.

Existing fans of the War's End series will rediscover characters they've already met on Jess's fraught journey - while new readers will be swept up in storytelling that has been described as "unforgettable" and "heartbreaking, but uplifting." Either way, it's impossible not to be moved by the achingly human tales that challenge us all to wonder how we'd handle the end of the world.

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